Macro Photography Services

I produce intricate macro photography. The images I generate are shot at nearly double the resolution most professional cameras offer. The lenses I use are unique and provide extremely wide field-of-view at full 1:1 maco or twice the level of detail, at a 2:1 ratio.

Workflow Process

  • checkmark Send me a message about the subject you would like photographed
  • checkmark Schedule a time for the photography setup/event
  • checkmark Receive previews at 100% crop so you can visualize details

What’s included

  • checkmark Multiple variations on select images you can use for multiple contexts
  • checkmark Password protected gallery where you can download high-res files
  • checkmark Full rights to publish and promote all of your final images

View Examples

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How I work to meet your needs

Depending on the subject I’m photographing you may benefit from stacked focus techniques that increase the levels of what’s in focus. This technique combines variable focal planes into one single ultra-sharp exposure. I guarantee perfect large scale printing with the offer on the table to purchase a set of limited prints.

Jordan Ewert 2017

About My Experience

My recent graduate thesis involved photographing objects less than a 1/2 inch in radius and printing them at 40×60 inch matte paper, without loss in detail. Before exploring macro photography I was interested in creating series of works that investigated the strange, symbolic, and significant meaning within scenic environments.

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