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leah lendrum


  • Artistic Director, Heart of Worship Dance
  • Multimedia Services & Video Production (2/6/2017)

“Jordan was very easygoing and helpful, as he created a website that worked perfectly for the needs of my dance studio. I am impressed with his ability to listen to what his clients want and make it happen for them.

He also has provided the videography services for our Annual Spring Recital, the past 3 years. He is pleasant to work alongside and very professional.  Year after year, he creates beautiful Recital DVDs for our dancers to purchase, at affordable prices. My clients and I are very happy with his services.”

ken marten


  • Assistant to the City Administrator & Communications Director, City of Lathrup Village
  • Photography, Graphic Design, Newsletter Publication (1/27/2017)

“I’ve hired Jordan for numerous projects over the years for photo shoots, videography and graphic design. He’s quick yet patient, and efficient, and works well independently or when collaborating with others. Jordan’s creative thought process is boundless. In short, hire this guy.”

laura earle


  • Furniture Designer
  • Artist Documentation (3D Design & Furniture) (5/19/2016)

“Working with Jordan was a pleasure. HIs lighting approach produced just the right balance of interest. The images were beautiful, and I appreciated his flexibility on the shoot, trying different ideas collaboratively.”

nicky mcauliffe


  • Model
  • Modeling Photoshoot (11/10/2012)

“Working with Jordan was so much fun! He made me so comfortable and gave me great direction. The finished pictures were more amazing then what I could have ever imagined. I had so much fun and was more than satisfied with the overall experience. Thank you so much Jordan! I will make sure to recommend your work to everyone I know!”

nicole jarrell


  • Model
  • Modeling Photoshoot (10/17/2012)

“I really had the grooviest time with you, Jordan. You made me feel comfortable and made sure I was really a part of every aspect of the shoot — not just a model. You let me bring my kooky ideas to the table and worked with them very well. I cannot wait to work with you again! Thanks for being the coolest, you have mad talent.”

king martyr


  • Musician
  • Promotional Portrait (9-23-2012)

“Working with Jordan was a nice experience. He was willing to try new ideas and experiment. We had fun driving around looking for spots to shoot creative pictures. everything flowed very well and it was pure art.”

stephanie hardie


  • Model
  • Modeling Photoshoot (9/19/2012)

“Jordan and I went to Ferndale to take pictures. We really did not have much to work with dealing with props but Jordan had a vision for everything. He could see art in a tire, which is pretty impressive. I enjoyed doing the modeling for Jordan‰Ûªs shoot while he made it very comfortable to act on any picture. Even if it had to do with food. Thank you, Jordan!”

jenna belevender


  • Photographer
  • Collaborator (10/19/2012)

“Finding photographers like this who are talented with the serious technical knowhow to back it up is incredible. So many people snap photos and think nothing of it, but Jordan Ewert is an artist. I’ve worked with him on several occasions and I always stand back in awe of the work he produces. Click and be impressed.”

britney jean h


  • Model
  • Modeling Photoshoot (10/24/2009)

“I had such a great time working with you Jordan. Your work is so beautiful. Keep it up!! Thanks for everything.”