Visual Noises

Fine-Art Photography & Video Collections

Jordan Ewert / 2008 - 2023

Visual Noises houses my personal photography collections and multimedia—ever-expanding since early 2008. View featured work or explore all my collections.

My name is Jordan Ewert. I am a professional photographer and notion consultant. I enjoy creating image series and sorting them into various collections. My collections now contain over 1,000 photographs of people, places, patterns, and elements of the unknown (and in between) day-to-day.

displayed at random

  • Rising and Descending in the Thousands
  • Frederick Douglass Front Entrance, Detroit, Michigan
  • DTW to LGA - New York City, no.09
  • Fisher Body Plant in Detroit no. 8
  • Continental Factory - Rooftop Corridors, no.2
  • Stadiums and Rows of Trees

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