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I’m interested in generating emotion through symbolism and microexpressions. The series of photographs I create is designed to invoke an emotional response generated from a sense of the unknown and the familiar. Read more about my series-driven images below. The Image Series on this website is displayed at random.

Photo Series Index

ABSTRACTIONS contain a dozen or so sub-series involving texture, pattern, and long-exposure photography.

LANDSCAPE photography includes everything from aerial views of forests to the stone of underground caves.

PEOPLE is a category that’s evolved from predominately working with artists, models, and friends over the years.

SNAPSHOTS include images focused on specific moments in time which especially don’t fit into any particular category.

SYMBOLISM contains mostly recent works based on psychological and philosophical concepts.

VIDEO highlights movement and motion usually at a different pace than experienced in real-time.

Let's get a conversation started I enjoy a challenge and thinking of creative ways to solve problems. Contact me if you’re interested in working on a project together. If you’re interested in ordering limited edition mounted prints you can learn more about them on my Print Information page.


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