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As a photographer, it’s my focus to take pictures that capture conscientious aspects in a single frame. This involves working with color, mood, and lighting. When producing video, I concentrate on movement and the reinterpretation of time. Overall, I’m interested in sculpting out the details in pictures we see (or imagine seeing) that invoke an emotional response generated from a sense of the unknown and familiar.

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Visual Noises

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About Me


My abstractions contain a dozen or so sub-series involving texture, pattern, and long-exposure photography. My landscape photography includes everything from aerial photography over rural districts to underground caves. Much of this category comes from the experiences I’ve had while traveling. The people I’ve worked with predominately come from my artist and model photography in college, but this is always expanding. My series of snapshots contains images that do not have their own place but is instead focused on specific memories and moments. Finally, my symbolism series contains more recent works based on psychological and philosophical concepts.

The image series on this website are displayed at random.