A Study of Philosophical Images

Visual Noises is where I showcase my fine-art & series-based photography. This work exists because of my interest in various psychological and philosophical concepts and ideas I’ve had over the years.

The work on this website is my current display of work and contains entries from late 2008 to my current projects as discussed in my online journal. My photo and video work (and categories where they exist) were created both intentionally and spontaneously from experience in the studio and in the field.

Overall, I’m interested in sculpting out the details we see (or imagine seeing) in an object or environment, and what ideas or feelings come from sharing an aesthetic experience. As a photographer and video artist, I enjoy making work that evokes a sense of the unknown. This is probably best represented in my recent macro-based work that illustrates simplicity and complexity at the same time in the sense that complexity can be simplified into patterns.

I prefer to create work that’s immersive in nature, combining abstract ideas into post-production for heightened emotional significance to real people and the places we visit. As a creature of habit, like we all are, I find myself in constant motion… Gravitating towards one set of ideas, and over time, away from others. I’m interested in the essence of a person or place, as well as my own evolution for bringing value to ideas using a visual medium.

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