Fine-Art Photography & Video

Visual Noises is where I showcase my fine-art photography & video series-based work. This website exists because of my interest in various psychological and philosophical concepts I’ve created over the years.

The work on this site features work from late 2008 to my current projects, as discussed in my online journal. My photo and video work were created both intentionally and spontaneously from experience in the studio and in the field.

Overall, I’m interested in sculpting out the details in pictures we see (or imagine seeing). As a photographer and video artist, I enjoy making work that evokes an emotional response, often generated from a sense of the unknown; mixing the real the unreal for enhanced effect.

When it comes to working with people, I prefer to create portraits that are immersive in nature, rather than something taken in a studio environment, because I feel this better combines elements of our surrounding and adds another presence to the final image. As a photographer, it’s my vision to take pictures that capture the most conscientious aspects of a single frame. When making video, I like to concentrate on movement, and the way the camera moves and tells a story.

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